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#thankshubs Challenge Day 2: Provider

I’m taking a slightly different twist on this.  Yes, I’m grateful for the financial provision.  But there is a different type of provision that my hubby brings to the table that I am truly amazed by.

He loves to do woodworking project.  As I type this, the laptop I’m using is sitting on a trestle style dining room table he made, looking at a corner bookshelf unit he constructed, chairs to match the aforementioned table, a coffee table and matching end tables . . . and if all of that isn’t enough, he re-purposed my childhood toy box into a desk for me.

There are so many things he could do with his spare time.  He loves to golf and he reads pretty voraciously.  He like to watch sports and is kind of addicted to Candy Crush, if the truth be told.  But every so often he disappears into his work shop (the garage that we don’t actually park any vehicles in!) and creates these beautiful handmade pieces.  He’s had people make specific requests of him – for pay – from time to time and I am always amazed by the work he does.

He could easily buy the shelves or the tables.  It would certainly demand less of his time!  But he chooses to design and construct the pieces himself.  I have to be careful what I say because there have been times when I’ve started a statement with “It would be nice to have . . . ” and just days later I have exactly the thing I mentioned!  (There is a recipe box sitting in my kitchen and a large set of shelves that serve as a headboard in my bedroom to prove it!)

Financial provision is nice.  But the creativity and time that he blesses my life with mean far more than money every could.


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