I'm just a wife and mother who earnestly desires to grow in my faith and it's demonstration. DISCLAIMER! I have absolutely no problem with women in the clergy. As a matter of fact, I have several female pastors who I consider friends. In my home, the pastor is a male so the pronouns I use to refer to a pastor tend to be male. This is not a statement of any kind. Just a reflection of my every day life!

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Week 2, day 5 of my new workout plan.  No, that doesn’t sound very long to most people.  But for me?  It’s about a week and 4 days longer than I’ve ever stuck with anything before!  I’m pretty sure that the difference this time around is the fact that I’m not depending on weight loss or a new dress size to make me happier or make me like myself better.  I have flaws, yes.  But there are also things I do well and people that I love fiercely.  To continue to love those people well, I need to be the healthiest I can be.

So here is some of the inspiration I’m using to keep myself motivated.  Thought I’d share these with you –


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