I'm just a wife and mother who earnestly desires to grow in my faith and it's demonstration. DISCLAIMER! I have absolutely no problem with women in the clergy. As a matter of fact, I have several female pastors who I consider friends. In my home, the pastor is a male so the pronouns I use to refer to a pastor tend to be male. This is not a statement of any kind. Just a reflection of my every day life!

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Trust me


That word has occupied MUCH of my thinking time lately.  What does it look like?  How do you prove it?

How do you overcome the fear that may get in it’s way?!

I’m not ready just yet to divulge the specific circumstances that have the concept of trust at the forefront of my brain.  Suffice it to say, that I know I’m being called to trust God in one specific way and it’s a little scary.  It means doing something I don’t really want to do.  I don’t understand why and, to sound just a tiny bit whiny, I don’t like it!

If you were to ask me if I trust God, I would say yes.  But words are cheap.  What does that “trust” look like?  If I say that I trust someone to do a task I have given them and then I constantly nag them about the task, questioning their strategy, correcting their method, do I really trust them?!  Should trust come with action?

Then there is the fear.  Sometimes trusting people means giving them access to parts of your heart that are easily broken.  Scary stuff.

If you read this far hoping for something profound . . . sorry. Still chewing on this whole concept.  not sure where I’m going to end up.  The ride sure is intense though!


He Doesn’t Deserve My Respect.

This sweet lady has some amazing thoughts and I have enjoyed conversing with her via the internet. I’m sharing this today because I was struck by the concept that my husband qualifies as “one of the least of these.” Now, the word “least” has nothing to do with my husband at all. But the Bible says that my treatment of others – including my husband – reflects my attitude toward God.

The Peaceful Wife


We continue our series this week into FAQs.  If you have a question that I have not addressed, please let me know! 🙂

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  • When do I get to the “peaceful” part? (part 1)
  • I don’t want to lose my voice in my marriage. (part 2)
  • I feel like I am losing myself. (part 2)
  • I feel so lonely. (part 3)
  • I don’t know how to say things respectfully to my husband, so I am just not saying anything at all. (part 3)
  • My husband isn’t changing at all.   (part 4)
  • Respect doesn’t work on my husband. (part 4)
  • But I’m right! (part 5)
  • I’m so scared to give up control!  I should be in charge. Everything will fall apart if I don’t take charge! (part 5)
  • He doesn’t deserve my respect!
  • My husband doesn’t love me and is not…

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Song for Sunday

A New Thing

I’m still here!  I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth despite my blog-related silence!!

When Yahweh decides to do a “new thing” in the life of one of his children, he doesn’t mess around.  I promise a much lengthier post soon – maybe a series of them the way things are going! – that will give you a glimpse into what he is doing.  Until then, I thought I would check in to let you know that I have not vanished.  I’ve merely been preoccupied with a major paradigm shift!

Why do you Christians always throw the Bible in my face?

I’ve been following Matt’s blog for awhile now and love his approach to speaking about his faith. WARNING – YOU MUST HAVE YOUR SARCASM OR SATIRE FILTER ACTIVATED TO GET THIS POST!!!

The Matt Walsh Blog

Seriously, it hurts. Stop it, will ya? Yesterday I walked by a church and the pastor barreled out of the door, ran into the street, screamed “BIBLE!” and chucked it right at my head.

Well, that didn’t LITERALLY happen. But he did say, “good afternoon, God bless,” which is basically the same thing.

In any case, Christians are always shoving their religion in people’s faces. Everything they say, every position they hold, every thought they express — it’s all RELIGION. Even if they don’t explicitly say, “I think this because of my religion,” we all know the score. If it comes from RELIGION, as a secularist, I must hate it. If it’s been heavily influenced or transformed by RELIGION or RELIGIOUS people, I must hate it. That’s why I’m not a big fan of art, architecture, democracy, science, medicine, philosophy, astronomy, the university system, the abolition of slavery, America, Natural…

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Song for Sunday

Song for Sunday

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