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Controlling the tongue!

Scripture is full of comments about our speech – what we should not say, what we should say, being ready to give an answer, controlling our tongue – I could spend hours simply quoting the verses that apply. But I’d rather share a life lesson.

I have learned that someone very dear to me really thrives on praise. If you are familiar at all with The Five Love Languages writings, this person shows possible signs of Words of Affirmation being one of his “native tongues”. It’s not his primary language, but it could very likely be a secondary language. The person in question is my hubby!

I learned this truth in a very simple way: I paid him a compliment in a public fashion. There was something I appreciated about him and I expressed that appreciation in such a way that others knew how I felt. Boy did I strike a chord!! I like to get an “attagirl” every so often. But my man positively glowed after my statement! He repeatedly told me how much it meant to him that I said what I did. And by repeatedly I mean half a dozen times in the course of about three hours.

Now the hard part: I need to keep looking for ways to offer GENUINE praise. Empty flattery is one of those things spoken against in scripture and I would NEVER knowingly hurt my husband by offering empty, meaningless, words as a substitute for sincere appreciation. But when I can make him feel overwhelmingly respected and loved by offering genuine appreciation and praise, why would I miss any opportunity to do so?!


And the Beat Goes on!

I apologize for my absence! But when I have time to myself, I either grab a book or the latest craft project! To say nothing of the fact that I must share the computer with hubby and four kids.

Speaking of hubby, he has jumped on the “Mostly Homemade” Bandwagon in a BIG way!! He made himself a work “bench” (really more of a table!!) and the last few gift giving occasions provided the chance to get him set up with some wood working tools. I’m getting a brand new, made with my hubby’s own hands, trestle style dining room table for Christmas!! Okay, I may actually have it in the house in time for Mother’s Day but it’s officially my 2011 Christmas gift. I’ve wanted one for years!

As if that wasn’t enough, he is trying to find (or create on his own) plans for a buffet with a hutch to go with my brand new table. I’m gonna get spoiled if he keeps this up!

The other day he and I were at Hobby Lobby buying paint for a project he and our oldest had going (see the next paragraph for more details on that!) and we were chatting about some of my “as yet to be started” Christmas ideas for family. I have been trying to figure out how to do some sort of homemade “keepsake” box for each of the kids. We were looking at some of the items in the store to try and get an idea. One idea in particular really struck a chord with hubby and since he’s excited about it, how can I help but run with it? He will be making the keepsake boxes for the kids and they will be personalized (his idea – he’s going to get stencils for his router so he can carve each child’s name into his/her box) but the best part is the shape – he’s making a treasure chest for each of them! How cool is that?! Metal findings, handles on the side, the works!! When I assured him that I would be happy with just a box, he said, “If we’re talking about keepsakes, we’re kind of talking about a treasure aren’t we?” How do argue with logic that sweet?!

Remember the project he had going with one of our kids? Our oldest asked him to make a pencil cup for the desk in our front room (we can NEVER find a writing utensil in this house!) which he did quite gladly. She is currently in the process of painting it and doing a much better job than I could ever dream of doing – it’s striped and the lines are actually STRAIGHT! She’s of the opinion that we should take some of this crafting craziness – especially items like her pencil cup idea and the plastic canvas stuff I love to do so much – and stockpile some items that we could then sell at craft shows, flea markets, etc. I have to be honest – the idea of making a few extra bucks doing something I love to do doesn’t sound like a horrible idea. Especially if it’s something we could do as a family!

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